Cancer Changes Things

This is a post I’ve postponed for a LONG time. But, I will be on a popular radio show tomorrow (Thursday, May 18th)  and surely this experience will be discussed.

In January 2015, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Caught early, my prognosis is outstanding. But I did have a mastectomy of my right breast.
Five months of chemo followed by six weeks of radiation, I started the journey January 26, 2015, and finished September 21, 2015.
It has taken nearly two years for me to emotionally process all of this. But I am finally in a good place. Actually grateful for the experience because it instilled the wisdom captured in my word image.
Once I got the news I had Cancer, all stupid petty Toastmaster issues, neighbor issues and any other issues I let bother me just melted away. And they have not returned. Nor will they return.
So, family and friends, please, please, do not wait to get real sick to find out what really matters.
What really matters is life, love health and joy.