Thirty Tips To Get Out Of the Pits

Thirty Tips to Get Out of the Pits


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The Old Made New

This is a revised version of my original “old” book titled, “Read My Lips Tips for Success.” Much of the original material is there, edited for better clarity, plus a few newbies. Having lived through the cancer experience, I felt it necessary to include what I learned from that journey. Afterall, having cancer is a real deep pit. Not fun. Not fun at all. However, having lived through it and coming out the other side?  Peachy. Real peachy. Seriously.

The many principles in this book have helped me survive several crises periods of my life, including the breast cancer experience in 2015. The tips also improve living life on a moment-by-moment daily basis. I know from the feedback I received from those who read my original book and how much they have helped me in my own life, these tips can help you, too. 

Consistent practicing of just a couple of the tips suggested in this book can help you face and climb out of whatever pit you find yourself in no matter how deep, shallow or how long you’ve been there. 

Here is the book’s table of contents. The blue headings represent the introduction to the subsequent tips titles listed underneath.

Preliminary IntroductionsYour Mind is BroadcastingThe ABCs of LifeAn Attitude Adjustment
A Note About DepressionPit Buster Tip #2 Your Awakening ThoughtsPit Bit buster #5 Accept AdversityPit Buster Tip #9 Cultivate Generosity
Introduction to Deep PitsPit Buster Tip #3 Choose Your FocusPit Buster Tip #6 Embrace BlundersPit Buster Tip #10 Practice Gratitude
Pit Buster Tip #1 Redefine SuccessPit Buster Tip #4 Enjoy the JourneyPit Buster Tip #7 Cherish ChaosPit Buster Tip #11 Develop the Art of Appreciation
Pit Buster Tip #8 Give Up PerfectionPit Buster Tip #12 Devour Quotes
Pit Buster Tip #13 Devour Uplifting Recordings
Pip Buster Tip #14 Seek Distractions
Pit to Peach Tip #15 Face Reality?
Pit Buster Tip #16 Take Time To Reflect

Pit Buster Tip #17 Take Small StepsPit Buster Tip #22 Discover your GiftsPit Buster Tip #26 Your Contribution to Relationships
Pit Buster Tip #18 Five Minute MountainsPit Buster Tip #23 Watch your WordsPit Buster Tip #27 Benefit of the Doubt
Pit Buster Tip #19 Change Habits – One at a TimePit Buster Tip #24 Give no Thought to Others OpinionPit Buster Tip #28 Honor the Differences Men to Women
Pit Buster Tip #20 Take a WalkPit Buster Tip #25 Take RisksPit Buster Tip #29 Understand Infatuation
Pit Buster Tip #21 Cut the ClutterPit Buster Tip #30 Embrace Different

The Journals 

There is two editions of a “Pit to Peach” journal that complement this book. One is a 90-day color journal, and the other a 365 days black and white journal. Also available on Amazon. These were created because in the Pits book I discuss the value of noting daily things for which we feel gratitude and appreciation; victories (those things did even though we didn’t want too); and the fast track to visualization – space for “Would It Be Nice If?” entries.   In both versions, there are no dates. This way you don’t feel guilty about missing a day or two, or you can devote more than one page to those exceptional days.

This Gratitude, Appreciation, and Victories Journal is designed to give you, the reader, an attractive yet succinct place to make entries that, if done consistently, will change your life.