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Linnaea Mallette has lived with a profound hearing loss since birth.  But that has not prevented her from living a full life as an author and professional speaker.   She is the recipient of the Oticon Focus on People Award given to twelve individuals nationwide who defy stereotypes about being hearing impaired.

Linnaea Mallette on TEDx stage

On January 28, 2017,  she received a standing ovation as a speaker on the TEDx stage in Camarillo, California, with her talk titled, Hearing Loss CPR – Keeping the Connection Alive.

Linnaea has been featured in UCLA Today, UCLA Spotlight, and honored with a nomination for the Chancellor’s True Bruin Award for her service to the UCLA research community as a Training Coordinator.

Linnaea Mallette was a District Governor for Toastmasters International in 2003-04 and received awards for her leadership successes.  In 2013,  she was one of 140 Toastmasters worldwide selected to be included in the book titled “The Heart of a Toastmaster.”





Linnaea Mallette was my keynote speaker at my March 2012 RockStar Marketing BootCamp. While I was already aware of Linnaea’s wonderful sense of humor and ability to speak spontaneously, I was not prepared for what I saw on my stage. Linnaea is a masterful communicator. She had such command, not only of the content of her talk (dealing with adversity), but she had total command of the audience. She had them laughing, crying and spellbound the entire 40 minutes. As a professional speaker, seminar organizer and former speaker on the Toastmasters International stage, I’ve seen many, many, many speakers, and I can say with all sincerely, Linnaea is a true RockStar in the speaking industry. Any event that has Linnaea as a speaker is going to benefit from her presence. – Craig Duswalt 

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