Pit Buster #4 – Enjoy the Journey

The innate desire of everything living pursues evolution, and our basic nature is inclined to evolve and develop. However, our challenge is we don’t seem to enjoy the process, which slows things down.  Let’s take a fresh look at what our journey is all about.


If we take the definition of evolution, we can see clearly that our evolvement would be defined as:

a. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

b. The process of developing.

c. Gradual development.

Like the seed of a peach tree. At first, the seed resides inside the fruit.  After falling to the ground, it transforms into a seedling, then a tree.

Our natural state is inclined toward developing gradually over time, so, it is easy to understand that resisting evolution (your natural inclination), would be uncomfortable. Becoming impatient and hurrying it along can be uncomfortable, too.

However, “process,” “development” and “gradual” all imply what?



So often, we give up on our dreams because they don’t appear quickly enough. As a seed planted in soil takes time to root and then sprout, so do our dreams. If we plant a peach seed and keep digging it up every few days wondering why it has not yet sprouted, it will take much longer for it to take root and grow – if it doesn’t die from the constant uprooting. That’s what we do with our dreams, sometimes. We look around for the physical evidence too soon and too often. Our disappointment or frustration that nothing has sprouted yet causes us to give up.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, there was a show on cable television called “There is a Way.” Guests from all walks of life came on the show to share their non-orthodox, new age, philosophical views on life. One guest shared an observation that I will never forget. He said that “whatever we are living and experiencing today is a result of the predominant thoughts, feelings, and visions put into action two years ago.” In other words, he believes it takes approximately two years for an idea or a dream to show evidence of manifesting in a way that we can see, taste, touch or smell.


A brilliant therapist and author named Maria Nemeth says that our physical world is dense, impermanent and unpredictable. As a result,   it often takes about ten times the amount of time and effort we think it will for our dreams to manifest into physical reality.

This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that ten times the time and effort can be tough to endure. Two years can seem like a long time. Making peace with the journey, the effort and the time will help. Giving up too soon can retard or possibly kill the realization of the dream.


Making peace with the factors of time and effort, the journey can become enjoyable rather than arduous or frustrating. We will notice the process unfolding. We won’t judge ourselves as failures for the inability to instantly complete, transform or manifest new things in our life. By embracing and accepting that things take time, we can go about our business with a sense of calm confidence.

More good news? From the “broadcasting” of calm and confidence, our thoughts tune in to an outcome that is more fulfilling, sweet and satisfying. Forced dreams that blossom before we are ready are not fulfilling.

It is helpful to remember that we believe we will feel good, better, happy when we have what we really want. There are many ways you can feel better NOW as you journey towards that which you want. Choose a tip that helps you enjoy this journey.

The materialization of our dream may NOT take two years. It may take two weeks. It may take five years. You really do not know the magic of the forces at work in our favor. But one thing is for sure: hurrying, being impatient and holding our happiness off until we HAVE what we want will only make the coming of it longer and harder.


We will ALWAYS be journeying towards something. We will never “be there” and “have it done”; it defies the law of evolution. For everything we attain on our list of wanting, there will be something else on the horizon of our desires. Let’s enjoy the journey along the way. The journey of evolution is natural. Evolution is always for the better. It’s law.

In conclusion, keep the faith, keep moving forward (in small steps), and like the seedling that suddenly appears above the ground, so will those things you desire.


1.       Relax…enjoy the journey.

2.       Notice the good things that happen along the way.

3.       Remember to imagine your desires manifesting as you see the journey unfold.