Photographic Outings for 2018

Looking back on 2018, I am amazed at all the places visited and photographed.

Red Rock Canyon, the final outing for 2018

Said my friend and business partner in crime, Circe Denyer, about her 2018:

Mine was filled with adventures and unexpected opportunities for fun. It matched this years mantra for me. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it. Thanks to Linnaea‘s sense of adventure and wanderlust spirit, it was a great year for my photography!

The Adventures

Here is a list of the many places we visited and photographed. A few places I went with my husband, but most with Circe:

Venice  Beach
Palm Desert
Salton Sea
Laguna BeachHuntington Library
Ventura Beach
Los Angeles Downtown
San Francisco
Newport Beach
Arizona – Apache Junction, Sedona, Paris, Salt River Canyon
Las Vegas
Disneyland, California Adventure
Moorpark Underwood Farms
Santa Monica Bird Sanctuary
Pacoima (murals)
Salinas African Safari Bed and Breakfast
Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey Aquarium
Morro Bay
Lake Havasu
Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona
Long Beach Queen Mary
Mission Inn Riverside Festival of Lights
Muir Beach
Mount Tamalpais State Park
San Diego Zoo
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Sea World
Utah Saratoga Springs
Stinson Beach
Red Rock Canyon
Mojave Desert
Shell Beach
Pismo Beach
Joshua Tree National Monument
Santa Ynez Wine Country

Putting it in perspective

Bear in mind there were a half dozen trips were 4 – 7 days long, so several places visited were on the way to and from specific destinations. But, still, the list is evidence of my wanderlust!

We warn friends who want to go with us that we stop every 100 feet to take photographs. Slight exaggeration, but not much!


Then there are the things close to home we like to visit and take photos:

  • Rubber Ducky Festival in Santa Clarita
  • Aldiks in Van Nuys for Xmas (unbelievable)
  • Balboa Park in Encino (birds!)
  • Santa Monica and Malibu Beaches
  • Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona
  • Pacoima (murals)
  • Local carnival just around the corner every May


I doubt we can top 2018, but we are going on a Hawaiian Cruise that ends in Vancouver, Canada. Other than that, the world is our oyster to explore and take photographs.

Below is a 3 1/2 minute video of photographs from 2018 destinations.

Photographic adventures