People I Admire – John Carter

John Carter

I think most of us have people in our lives that inspire us. They lead by example. They walk their talk. One such person in my life is John Carter. Meet John John was born in 1943 although he’ll tell you he doesn’t think he’s that old. He has lived…

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People I Admire – Marylou Denyer

Marylou Denyer Jewelry

I sure hope I’m like Marylou Denyer when I am 90 years young! My good friend and business partner, Circe Denyer, has the most fantastic mom. Marylou Denyer – high among people I admire! Marylou and the Computer So often I hear seniors lament the fact they cannot figure out…

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Gerry Reiche – People I Admire

Gerry Reiche Quote

We all have people who, during the course of our life, set us on a new path. One of the individuals who dramatically shifted my life is Gerry Reiche. His wisdom can impact your path, too. The meeting in 2006 I met Gerry Reiche by happenstance. A musician friend of…

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