People I admire – Dr. Thomas Polucki, DC

Dr. Polucki and me

I used to be like many,  roll my eyes at the idea of what is called functional medicine. That all changed in 2012 Functional Medicine? Yea Right Functional Medicine is a medical practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of…

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Is there Life after Death? A Mystic’s Experience

mystic experience life after death

I have cherished this excerpt for nearly forty years. I believe it explains in amazing detail life after death. The book titled, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa-Yogananda, was a required reading while I was training as a minister in Science of Mind back in the 1970’s. This excerpt so…

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My Unusual Encounter with a Duck

encounter with a duck

As a photographer, I go where the birds are. Recently I had an unusual encounter with a Muscovy Duck while on a photo excursion. Lake Casitas, California Until just recently I never visited Lake Casitas, a manmade lake in Ventura County. Distance isn’t the issue. It is only 90 minutes…

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Watch Your Words

Watch your words

The words we speak, whether silently to ourselves or what we verbalize can reveal why our self-esteem might be low and why we are not living a happy life. In my book, Watch Your Words is Pit Buster #23. Here’s Why. Watch Your Words – Words Have Power Masaru Emoto…

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