Feel Good. Feel Better. Feel Happy.

feel good, feel better. feel happy

What do we really want?

In my book, I suggest we redefine success. We tend to define success as getting what we want when the reality is we want to feel good. Feel better. Feel happy.

I’ve come to realize that the bottom line of everything we want is to feel good feelings. This is undoubtedly the underlying motive in the various forms of relief I tried earlier in life: drugs, alcohol, food, and people. If you’ve ever participated in activities that were not in your best interest or health, it was probably because you were seeking relief. Wanting to feel good. Feel better. Feel happy.

No matter what we desire—a new job, car, relationship, healthy body, travel to exotic places, happier children, a cat that comes to you when you call it—we want it because we believe that when we have it, we will feel good,

Discover this for yourself. Take about 30 minutes and jot down two or three things you really want. Then ask, “Why do I want this?” Keep asking “why?” to each answer until you have no more answers except, “Because it would make me happy.”

So now what? I think this quote from Abraham-Hicks sums it up nicely:

The Universe has understood the things you have been asking for and has answered perfectly. Don’t work to orchestrate the how and where and when and who. Work to be in the receiving mode. Practice rampages of appreciation. Collect fun things and beautiful things. Become an ambassador of Well Being. The things you have been asking for will unfold in a stunning continuum of extraordinary opportunities and life experiences. You’ve just got to get happy. That’s all it takes.

So, instead of waiting to get what we believe will make us happy, find a way to feel good, feel better, feel happy – NOW. Then the wait will be over. After all, the true measure of success is happiness.