Thanksgiving in Utah – Good Bad and Ugly

travel during the holidays

Anyone who travels out of state during the holidays knows there is a risk that the trip will be fraught with snags.  Like our trip to Utah to visit family. Normally I avoid traveling during the holidays like the plague.  However, my sister-in-law and two darling nieces moved from Thousand…

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Pit Buster #4 – Enjoy the Journey

enjoy the journey

The innate desire of everything living pursues evolution, and our basic nature is inclined to evolve and develop. However, our challenge is we don’t seem to enjoy the process, which slows things down.  Let’s take a fresh look at what our journey is all about. EVOLUTION If we take the…

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Underwood Family Farms a Delightful Distraction

Underwood Farms Somis

There might be undiscovered jewels to visit close to your home. A new delightful distraction I recently discovered is a farm playground just 25 minutes from where I live. Underwood Family Farms The farms are located in Moorpark – Ventura County. My sister-in-law mentioned it a couple of times over…

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