Presentations for Toastmasters

Toastmaster Speaker Linnaea Mallette has presentations that are fun, interactive and packed with practical, useful information – ideal for Toastmaster conferences, events, and club open houses.

Toastmasters did more than change my life. It gave me a life. – L. Mallette


Probably the most significant step Linnaea took was to join the worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to effective speaking and leading Toastmasters International. She joined in 1987. Conquering the fear of public speaking not only gave her confidence increased her self-esteem; it made it possible for Linnaea to share her experience with others. It also gave Linnaea the wonderful Toastmastering experience that she delights in sharing with fellow Toastmasters.


The Hamburger Evaluation

Who says fast food isn’t good for you? The ingredients for the Hamburger Evaluation can be gathered, assembled and served in minutes, providing the speaker with the nutrients s/he needs to grow into a strong, powerful speaker. This fun, interactive workshop will teach you how to be a master Chef evaluator in record time.

Politicians and Toastmasters – The Art of Persuasion

What does Toastmasters have to do with leaders of nations?  Speaking and Leadership skills!  Specifically – PERSUASION!

In this insightful and candid talk, Linnaea will share how four political figures would have benefitted or successful because of practicing what Toastmasters teaches. Simple things that can elevate any speaker and leaders’ stage presence and persuasiveness.

The TEDx Speaker Experience 


Linnaea received a standing ovation when she spoke on the TEDx stage in Camarillo, California in 2017.   In this talk Linnaea will share:

  • How all TEDx events are not alike
  • How a TEDx talk is different from a Toastmaster talk
  • Insights on how to become a TEDx speaker.


The Art of The Roast and Boast

In Toastmasters many clubs and districts and even International honor the tradition of roasting and boasting an outgoing officer. Without the knowledge of exactly how to prepare and deliver a roast, the event may lack the good taste and great fun the tradition is intended to embrace. In this fun, interactive training session, participants will learn:

  • Why do Roasts?
  • Why people shy away from Roasts
  • Who shouldn’t roast, or be roasted
  • Preparing for Roast
  • Roast Cautions
  • Creative approaches to Roasts