Linnaea Mallette Quotes and Words of Wisdom for 2019

Each year I compile some of my favorite quotes on photographs and create an e-book you can download and a video you can watch.

Linnaea Mallette Quotes and Words of wisdom for 2019

I discovered the power of quotes in 1981 when someone at work sold March of Dimes coupon books that had coupons on one side and a beautiful picture with a pithy quote on the other side. I NEVER used the coupons. I devoured the quotes. They were SO instrumental in shifting my way of showing up in the world.  Thus the inspiration for the quote e-books and videos I’ve been creating since 2012.

You can intensify the positive impact of quotes and words of wisdom are intensified when embedded in images. One of the secrets to accelerating your personal success is by reprogramming your subconscious mind. The awe of beautiful images opens your mind and the messages of the quotes are then able to sink in much quicker and deeper.  

The photographs in the 2012-2013 editions are of the talented Richard Hockett of Sunridge Photo. The photographs in the 2014 edition are of my talented friend and business partner, Circe Denyer. The photographs in subsequent year editions. are all mine.

Every year since 2012, I compile my quote images into a PDF e-book that you can download and videos you can enjoy.

Here are the e-book and video for 2019!  This year I did not add music to the video as music might be a distraction – especially if it a tune one does not like. So enjoy in the powerful quiet.